Major and trace element content of the 17 lithostratigraphic units recovered during DSDP Leg 49 (Table 1), supplement to: Wood, D A; Tarney, J; Varet, J; Saunders, Andrew D; Bougault, Henri; Joron, Jean-Louis; Treuil, M; Cann, Joe R (1979): Geochemistry of basalts drilled in the North Atlantic by IPOD Leg 49: implications for mantel heterogeneity. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 42(1), 77-97

J Tarney, Andrew D Saunders, Henri Bougault, Jean-Louis Joron, M Treuil & Joe R Cann
IPOD Leg 49 recovered basalts from 9 holes at 7 sites along 3 transects across the Mid-Atlantic Ridge: 63°N (Reykjanes), 45°N and 36°N (FAMOUS area). This has provided further information on the nature of mantle heterogeneity in the North Atlantic by enabling studies to be made of the variation of basalt composition with depth and with time near critical areas (Iceland and the Azores) where deep mantle plumes are thought to exist. Over 150 samples...
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