Isotopic analyses of DSDP Hole 45-395A samples from veins containing gypsum (Table 1), supplement to: Drever, James I; Lawrence, James R; Antweiler, Ronald C (1979): Gypsium and halite from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, DSDP Site 395. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 42(1), 98-102

James I Drever, James R Lawrence & Ronald C Antweiler
Gypsum and halite crystals, together with saponite and phillipsite, were found in a vein in a basalt sill 625 m below the sea floor at DSDP Site 395A, located 190 km west of the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The delta34S value of the gypsum (+19.4‰) indicates a seawater source for the sulfate. The delta18O values of the saponite (+19.9‰) and phillipsite (+18.1‰) indicate either formation from normal seawater at about 55°C or formation from...
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