Chemical and Sr isotopic compositions of pore fluids and marine carbonates from ODP Hole 130-807A, supplement to: Fantle, Matthew S; DePaolo, Donald J (2006): Sr isotopes and pore fluid chemistry in carbonate sediment of the Ontong Java Plateau; calcite recrystallization rates and evidence for a rapid rise in sea water Mg over the last 10 million years. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 70(15), 3883-3904

Matthew S Fantle & Donald J DePaolo
The 87Sr/86Sr ratios and Sr concentrations in sediment and pore fluids are used to evaluate the rates of calcite recrystallization at ODP Site 807A on the Ontong Java Plateau, an 800-meter thick section of carbonate ooze and chalk. A numerical model is used to evaluate the pore fluid chemistry and Sr isotopes in an accumulating section. The deduced calcite recrystallization rate is 2% per million years (%/Myr) near the top of the section and decreases...
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