Chemical and germanium isotopic compositions of sediments and sedimentary rocks from ODP Sites 129-801 and 185-1149, supplement to: Rouxel, Olivier J; Galy, Albert; Elderfield, Henry (2006): Germanium isotopic variations in igneous rocks and marine sediments. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 70(13), 3387-3400

Olivier J Rouxel, Albert Galy & Henry Elderfield
A new technique for the precise and accurate determination of Ge stable isotope compositions has been developed and applied to silicate rocks and biogenic opal. The analyses were performed using a continuous flow hydride generation system coupled to a MC-ICP-MS. Samples have been purified through anion- and cation-exchange resins to separate Ge from matrix elements and eliminate potential isobaric interferences. Variations of 74Ge/70Ge ratios are expressed as d74Ge values relative to our internal standard and...
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