Iron and phosphorus speciations in DSDP Leg 92 sediments, supplement to: Poulton, Simon W; Canfield, Donald E (2006): Co-diagenesis of iron and phosphorus in hydrothermal sediments from the southern East Pacific Rise; implications for the evaluation of paleo-sea water phosphate concentrations. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 70(23), 5883-5898

Simon W Poulton & Donald E Canfield
We present a detailed study of the co-diagenesis of Fe and P in hydrothermal plume fallout sediments from ~19°S on the southern East Pacific Rise. Three distal sediment cores from 340-1130 km from the ridge crest, collected during DSDP Leg 92, were analysed for solid phase Fe and P associations using sequential chemical extraction techniques. The sediments at all sites are enriched in hydrothermal Fe (oxyhydr)oxides, but during diagenesis a large proportion of the primary...
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