Radioisotopes and He accumulation in deep sea sediments of the Ontong Java Plateau, supplement to: Higgins, Sean M; Anderson, Robert F; Marcantonio, Franco; Schlosser, Peter; Stute, Martin (2002): Sediment focusing creates 100-ka cycles in interplanetary dust accumulation on the Ontong Java Platea. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 203(1), 383-397

Sean M Higgins, Robert F Anderson, Franco Marcantonio, Peter Schlosser & Martin Stute
The accumulation of extraterrestrial 3He, a tracer for interplanetary dust particles (IDPs), in sediments from the Ontong Java Plateau (OJP; western equatorial Pacific Ocean) has been shown previously to exhibit a regular cyclicity during the late Pleistocene, with a period of ~100 ka. Those results have been interpreted to reflect periodic variability in the global accretion of IDPs that, in turn, has been linked to changes in the inclination of Earth's orbit with respect to...
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