U and Th concentrations and isotope ratios of samples from ODP Leg 166, supplement to: Henderson, Gideon M (2002): Seawater (234U/238U) during the last 800 thousand years. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 199(1-2), 97-110

Gideon M Henderson
Constraining the history of seawater (234U/238U) is important because this ratio is used to assess the validity of U/Th ages, and because it provides information about the past rate of physical weathering on the continents. This study makes use of U-rich slope sediments from the Bahamas in an attempt to reconstruct seawater (234U/238U) for the last 800 kyr. For the last 360 kyr, U/Th dating of these sediments provides ages and initial (234U/238U) values. Sixty-seven...
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