Concentrations of trace elements, 10Be, and 26Al in marine opal from sediments of ODP Hole 177-1093, supplement to: Lal, D; Charles, Christopher D; Vacher, L; Goswami, J N; Jull, A J Timothy; McHargue, L; Finkel, R C (2006): Paleo-ocean chemistry records in marine opal: Implications for fluxes of trace elements, cosmogenic nuclides (10Be and 26Al), and biological productivity. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 70(13), 3275-3289

D Lal, Christopher D Charles, L Vacher, J N Goswami, A J Timothy Jull, L McHargue & R C Finkel
Here, we provide evidence suggesting that marine (diatom) opal contains not only a high fidelity record of dissolved oceanic concentrations of cosmic ray-produced radionuclides, 10Be and 26Al, but also a record of temporal variations in a large number of trace elements such as Ti, Fe, Zn and Mn. This finding is derived from measurements in purified biogenic opal that can be separated from detrital materials using a newly developed technique based on surface charge characteristics....
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