Geochemistry, and Nd- and Pb-isotopic composition of basalts from the upper oceanic crust of the Costa Rica Rift, supplement to: Pedersen, Rolf B; Furnes, Harald (2001): Nd- and Pb-isotopic variations through the upper oceanic crust in DSDP/ODP Hole 504B, Costa Rica Rift. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 189(3-4), 221-235

Rolf B Pedersen & Harald Furnes
The DSDP/ODP Hole 504B, drilled in the 5.9 Ma southern flank of the Costa Rica Rift, represents the deepest section through modern ocean floor basaltic basement. The hole penetrates a 570 m thick volcanic zone, a 210 m thick transition zone of volcanic rocks and dykes, and 1056 m of dykes. A representative selection of these basalt types has been investigated with respect to Nd and Pb isotopes. The epsilonNd of the basalts varies from...
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