(Table 1) Chemistry of low-mineralized structures from ODP Sample 158-957M-1R-2,10-12, supplement to: Al-Hanbali, Hakam; Sowerby, Stephen J; Holm, Nils G (2001): Biogenicity of silicified microbes from a hydrothermal system: relevance to the search for evidence of life on earth and other planets. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 191(3-4), 213-218

Hakam Al-Hanbali, Stephen J Sowerby & Nils G Holm
Scanning electron microscopy and microprobe analysis have been used to examine microstructures recovered from a hydrothermal mound at the Trans-Atlantic Geotraverse. Our analyses of hydrothermally precipitated Fe-rich cherts shows strong evidence for silicified microorganisms at depths of less than 1 m. The criteria for biogenicity are morphological similarities to living bacteria and an elevated carbon and nitrogen content with an N/C ratio consistent with marine microbes. The absence of calcium means they can not be...
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