Geochemistry of the oldest Atlantic oceanic crust, supplement to: Janney, Philip E; Castillo, Paterno R (2001): Geochemistry of the oldest Atlantic oceanic crust suggests mantle plume involvement in the early history of the central Atlantic Ocean. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 192(3), 291-302

Philip E Janney & Paterno R Castillo
Controversy has surrounded the issue of whether mantle plume activity was responsible for Pangaean continental rifting and massive flood volcanism (resulting in the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province or CAMP, emplaced around 200 Ma) preceding the opening of the central Atlantic Ocean in the Early Mesozoic. Our new Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic and trace element data for the oldest basalts sampled from central Atlantic oceanic crust by deep-sea drilling show that oceanic crust generated from about 160 to...
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