(Table 1) Oxygen isotopic composition of interstitial waters from ODP Hole 161-976, supplement to: Paul, Hilary; Bernasconi, Stefano M; Schmid, Daniel W; McKenzie, Judith A (2001): Oxygen isotopic composition of the Mediterranean Sea since the Last Glacial Maximum: constraints from pore water analyses. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 192(1), 1-14

Hilary Paul, Stefano M Bernasconi, Daniel W Schmid & Judith A McKenzie
Interstitial waters recovered from Ocean Drilling Program, Leg 161, site 976 in the western Mediterranean Sea are used in conjunction with a numerical model to constrain the delta18O of seawater in the basin since the Last Glacial Maximum, including Sapropel Event 1. To resolve the oxygen isotopic composition of the deep Mediterranean, we use a model that couples fluid diffusion with advective transport, thus producing a profile of seawater delta18O variability that is unaffected by...
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