87Sr/86Sr ratios, Sr and Rb concentrations and stable oxygen isotope values for some basalts from ODP Hole 504B (Table 1), supplement to: Barrett, T J; Friedrichsen, Hans (1982): Strontium and oxygen isotopic composition of some basalts from Hole 504B, Costa Rica Rift, DSDP Legs 69 and 70. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 60(1), 27-38

T J Barrett & Hans Friedrichsen
Seventeen whole-rock samples, generally taken at 25-50 m intervals from 5 to 560 m sub-basement in Hole 504B, drilled in 6.2 m.y. old crust, were analysed for 87Sr/86Sr ratios, Sr and Rb concentrations, and 18O/16O ratios. Sr isotope ratios for 8 samples from the upper 260 m of the hole range from 0.70287 to 0.70377, with a mean of 0.70320. In the 330-560 m interval, 5 samples have a restricted range of 0.70255-0.70279, with a...
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