Boron isotope ratios of samples from ODP Leg 125 sites at a serpentine seamount, Mariana forearc, supplement to: Benton, Laurie D; Ryan, Jeffrey; Tera, Fouad (2001): Boron isotope systematics of slab fluids as inferred from a serpentine seamount, Mariana forearc. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 187(3-4), 273-282

Laurie D Benton, Jeffrey Ryan & Fouad Tera
Serpentinite clasts and muds erupted from Conical Seamount, Mariana forearc, show substantial enrichment in boron (B) and 11B (delta11B up to +15 per mil ) relative to mantle values. These elevated B isotope signatures result from chemical exchange with B-rich pore fluids that are upwelling through the seamount. If the trends of decreasing delta11B with slab depth shown by cross-arc magmatic suites in the Izu and Kurile arcs of the western Pacific are extended to...
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