Boron concentrations and isotope ratios of authigenic carbonates from the Oregon margin, supplement to: Deyhle, Annette; Kopf, Achim J; Eisenhauer, Anton (2001): Boron systematics of authigenic carbonates: a new approach to identify fluid processes in accretionary prisms. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 187(1-2), 191-205

Annette Deyhle, Achim J Kopf & Anton Eisenhauer
Boron contents and boron, carbon and oxygen stable isotopes were determined for authigenic carbonates recovered from Ocean Drilling Program Leg 146, Oregon margin. Carbonate precipitates are the most widespread authigenic phase in the shallow accretionary wedge and carry chemical information about long-term variations in pore fluid origin and flow paths in the Cascadia subduction zone. Drilling the first ridge (toe area including the frontal thrust) and the second ridge (or Hydrate Ridge) of the prism...
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