Chemical composition of altered volcanic rocks from ODP Sites 193-1188 and 193-1189, supplement to: Beaudoin, Yannick; Scott, Steven D; Gorton, Michael P; Zajacz, Zoltan; Halter, Werner (2007): Effects of hydrothermal alteration on Pb in the active PACMANUS hydrothermal field, ODP Leg 193, Manus Basin, Papua New Guinea: A LA-ICP-MS study. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 71(17), 4256-4278

Yannick Beaudoin, Steven D Scott, Michael P Gorton, Zoltan Zajacz & Werner Halter
The conventional model of leaching volcanic rocks as a source of metals in a seafloor hydrothermal systems has been tested by examining the behavior of Pb and other trace elements during hydrothermal alteration. ODP Leg 193 drill sites 1188 (Snowcap) and 1189 (Roman Ruins) on Pual Ridge in the eastern Manus Basin offshore eastern Papua New Guinea provide a unique three-dimensional window into an active back-arc hydrothermal system. We investigate by means of a LA-ICP-MS...
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