Calcium concentrations and isotopic composition in carbonates and porefluids from ODP Hole 130-807A, supplement to: Fantle, Matthew S; DePaolo, Donald J (2007): Ca isotopes in carbonate sediment and pore fluid from ODP Site 807A; the Ca2+(aq)-calcite equilibrium fractionation factor and calcite recrystallization rates in Pleistocene sediments. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 71(10), 2524-2546

Matthew S Fantle & Donald J DePaolo
The calcium isotopic compositions (d44Ca) of 30 high-purity nannofossil ooze and chalk and 7 pore fluid samples from ODP Site 807A (Ontong Java Plateau) are used in conjunction with numerical models to determine the equilibrium calcium isotope fractionation factor (a_s-f) between calcite and dissolved Ca2+ and the rates of post-depositional recrystallization in deep sea carbonate ooze. The value of a_s-f at equilibrium in the marine sedimentary section is 1.0000+/-0.0001, which is significantly different from the...
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