Nitrogen isotopic composition and chemical composition of altered oceanic crust from ODP Legs 129 and 185, supplement to: Li, Long; Bebout, Gray E; Idleman, Bruce D (2007): Nitrogen concentration and delta 15N of altered oceanic crust obtained on ODP Legs 129 and 185: Insights into alteration-related nitrogen enrichment and the nitrogen subduction budget. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 71(9), 2344-2360

Long Li, Gray E Bebout & Bruce D Idleman
Knowledge of the subduction input flux of nitrogen (N) in altered oceanic crust (AOC) is critical in any attempt to mass-balance N across arc-trench systems on a global or individual-margin basis. We have employed sealed-tube, carrier-gas-based methods to examine the N concentrations and isotopic compositions of AOC. Analyses of 53 AOC samples recovered on DSDP/ODP legs from the North and South Pacific, the North Atlantic, and the Antarctic oceans (with larger numbers of samples from...
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