Nd, Sr and Pb isotopic composition of eolian dust deposited in the central North Pacific, supplement to: Pettke, Thomas; Halliday, Alex N; Hall, Chris M; Rea, David K (2000): Dust production and deposition in Asia and the north Pacific Ocean over the past 12 Myr. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 178(3-4), 397-413

Thomas Pettke, Alex N Halliday, Chris M Hall & David K Rea
The silicate fractions of recent pelagic sediments in the central north Pacific Ocean are dominated by eolian dust derived from central Asia. An 11 Myr sedimentary record at ODP Sites 885/886 at 44.7°N, 168.3°W allows the evaluation of how such dust and its sources have changed in response to late Cenozoic climate and tectonics. The extracted eolian fraction contains variable amounts (>70%) of clay minerals with subordinate quartz and plagioclase. Uniform Nd isotopic compositions (epsilon-Nd...
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