Composition of drilled sediments and pore waters from the continental slope of the Northern Gulf of Mexico, supplement to: Manheim, Frank T; Bischoff, James L (1969): Geochemistry of pore waters from the Shell Oil Company drill holes on the continental slope of the northern Gulf of Mexico. Chemical Geology, 4, 63-82

Frank T Manheim & James L Bischoff
Pore waters were analyzed from 6 holes drilled from M.V. “Eureka” as a part of the Shell Oil Co. deeper offshore study. The holes were drilled in water depths of 600-3000 ft. (approximately 180-550 m) and penetrated up to 1000 ft. (300 m) of Pliocene-Recent clayey sediments. Salt and anhydrite caprock was encountered in one diapiric structure on the continental slope.Samples from holes drilled near diapiric structures showed systematic increases of pore-water salinity with depth,...
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