Oxygen and carbon isotope ratios of silicates and carbonates from exhumed peridotites in the Iberian Abyssal Plain, supplement to: Skelton, Alsadair SL; Valley, John W (2000): The relative timing of serpentinisation and mantle exhumation at the ocean-continent transition, Iberia: constraints from oxygen isotopes. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 178(3-4), 327-338

Alsadair SL Skelton & John W Valley
Legs 173 and 149 of the Ocean Drilling Program profiled a zone of exhumed mantle peridotite at the ocean-continent transition (OCT) beneath the Iberia Abyssal Plain. The zone of exhumed peridotite appears to be tens of kilometers wide and is situated between blocks of continental crust and the first products of ocean accretion. Exhumed peridotite is 95-100% serpentinised to probable depths of 2-3 km. Down core oxygen isotope profiles of serpentinised peridotite at Sites 1068...
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