Element concentrations and Osmium, Platinum and Rhenium isotope ratios of ODP Site 153-920 abyssal peridotites, supplement to: Brandon, Alan D; Snow, Jonathan E; Walker, Richard J; Morgan, John W; Mock, Timothy D (2000): 190Pt-186Os and 187Re-187Os systematics of abyssal peridotites. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 177(3-4), 319-335

Alan D Brandon, Jonathan E Snow, Richard J Walker, John W Morgan & Timothy D Mock
Abyssal peridotites are normally thought to be residues of melting of the mid-ocean ridge basalt (MORB) source and are presumably a record of processes affecting the upper mantle. Samples from a single section of abyssal peridotite from the Kane Transform area in the Atlantic Ocean were examined for 190Pt-186Os and 187Re-187Os systematics. They have uniform 186Os/188Os ratios with a mean of 0.1198353 +/- 7, identical to the mean of 0.1198340 +/-12 for Os-Ir alloys and...
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