Concentrations and isotopic ratios of thorium and uranium in pelagic sediments, supplement to: Robinson, Laura F; Noble, Taryn L; McManus, Jerry F (2008): Measurement of adsorbed and total 232Th/230Th ratios from marine sediments. Chemical Geology, 252(3-4), 169-179

Laura F Robinson, Taryn L Noble & Jerry F McManus
The predictable in situ production of 230Th from the decay of uranium in seawater, and its subsequent removal by scavenging onto falling particles, provides a valuable tool for normalizing fluxes to the seafloor. We describe a new application, determination of the 232Th that dissolves in the water column and is removed to the seafloor. 232Th is supplied to the ocean in continental minerals, dissolution of which leads to a measurable standing stock in the water...
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