Sedimentary record of the last glaciation of the Bellingshausen Sea, West Antarctica, supplement to: Hillenbrand, Claus-Dieter; Baesler, Anja; Grobe, Hannes (2005): The sedimentary record of the last glaciation in the western Bellingshausen Sea (West Antarctica): Implications for the interpretation of diamictons in a polar-marine setting. Marine Geology, 216(4), 191-204

Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand, Anja Baesler & Hannes Grobe
Upper Quaternary marine sediments recovered from the West Antarctic continental margin are characterized by a distinct lithological succession allowing the reconstruction of past environmental changes. Massive, homogenous diamictons were deposited elsewhere on the margin during the last glacial period, when grounded ice masses advanced across the shelf. Sedimentological investigations using a multi-proxy approach and examination of the margin topography suggest that during this time a deformation till and subsequently a glaciomarine till were deposited on...
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