Clay mineralogical assemblages, Sm-Nd concentrations, Sm and Nd isotopic ratios and oxygen isotope ratios, OIS number and the age model of ODP Site 105-646, supplement to: Fagel, Nathalie; Hillaire-Marcel, Claude (2006): Glacial/interglacial instabilities of the Western Boundary Under Current during the last 365 kyr from Sm/Nd ratios of the sedimentary clay-size fractions at ODP site 646 (Labrador Sea). Marine Geology, 232(1-2), 87-99

Nathalie Fagel & Claude Hillaire-Marcel
We present 40 Sm-Nd isotope measurements of the clay-size (<2 µm) fractions of sediments from the Southern Greenland rise (ODP-646) that span the last 365 kyr. These data track changes in the relative supply of fine particles carried into the deep Labrador Sea by the Western Boundary Under Current (WBUC) back to the fourth glacial-interglacial cycles. Earlier studies revealed three general sources of particles to the core site: (i) Precambrian crustal material from Canada, Greenland,...
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