The alkali element and boron geochemistry of ODP Site 169-1038 in the Escanaba Trough, East Pacific, supplement to: James, Rachael H; Rudnicki, Mark D; Palmer, Martin R (1999): The alkali element and boron geochemistry of the Escanaba Trough sediment-hosted hydrothermal system. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 171(1), 157-169

Rachael H James, Mark D Rudnicki & Martin R Palmer
A suite of conjugate pore fluid and sediment samples were collected during Leg 169 of the ODP from within the clastic sedimentary sequences which host massive sulphides at Central Hill, Escanaba Trough (ODP Site 1038). We report the alkali element and boron, and Li and B isotope data for these samples. Relative to a reference site (Site 1037) located outside the zone of high heat flow, pore fluids from Site 1038 show a wide variation...
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