Uranium concentrations and isotope ratios Bahamas seawater and ODP holes pore-water, supplement to: Henderson, Gideon M; Slowey, Niall C; Haddad, Geoffrey A (1999): Fluid flow through carbonate platforms: constraints from 234U/238U and Cl[-] in Bahamas pore-waters. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 169(1-2), 99-111

Gideon M Henderson, Niall C Slowey & Geoffrey A Haddad
The geometry, timing, and rate of fluid-flow through carbonate margins and platforms is not well constrained. In this study, we use U concentrations and isotope ratios measured on small volumes of pore-water from Bahamas slope sediment, coupled with existing chlorinity data, to place constraints on the fluid-flow in this region and, by implication, other carbonate platforms. These data also allow an assessment of the behaviour of U isotopes in an unusually well constrained water-rock system....
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