Isotopic composition of carbonates from the Logachev Hydrothermal Field, MAR 14°45'N, supplement to: Amini, Marghaleray; Eisenhauer, Anton; Böhm, Florian; Fietzke, Jan; Bach, Wolfgang; Garbe-Schönberg, Carl-Dieter; Rosner, Martin; Bock, Barbara; Lackschewitz, Klas Sven; Hauff, V (2008): Calcium Isotope (d44/40Ca) Fractionation along Hydrothermal Pathways, Logatchev Field (Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 14°45'N). Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 72(16), 4107-4122

Marghaleray Amini, Anton Eisenhauer, Florian Böhm, Jan Fietzke, Wolfgang Bach, Carl-Dieter Garbe-Schönberg, Martin Rosner, Barbara Bock, Klas Sven Lackschewitz & Folkmar Hauff
We investigate the Logatchev Hydrothermal Field at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 14°45' N to constrain the calcium isotope hydrothermal flux into the ocean. During the transformation of seawater to a hydrothermal solution, the Ca concentration of pristine seawater ([Ca]_SW) increases from about 10 mM to about 32 mM in the hydrothermal fluid endmember ([Ca]_HydEnd) and thereby adopts a d44/40Ca_HydEnd of -0.95+/-0.07 per mil relative to seawater (SW) and a 87Sr/86Sr isotope ratio of 0.7034(4). We demonstrate...
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