Chemical and isotope compositions of sediments from DSDP Hole 86-576A and Core LL44-GPC-3, supplement to: Godfrey, L V (2002): Temporal changes in the lead isotopic composition of red clays: comparison with ferromanganese crust records. Chemical Geology, 185(3-4), 241-254

L V Godfrey
A record of changes in Pb and Sr isotopic composition of two cores (DSDP 86-576A and LL44- GPC-3) from the red clay region of the central North Pacific has been determined for the past 60-65 million years. The isotope records of the eolian silicate fraction of the red clays reflect the change in source area as the core sites migrated under different wind systems. The Sr isotope compositions of eolian silicate material are consistent with...
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