Oxygen isotope composition of clinoptilolites, supplement to: Nähr, Thomas H; Botz, Reiner; Bohrmann, Gerhard; Schmidt, Mark (1998): Oxygen isotopic composition of low-temperature authigenic clinoptilolite. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 160(3-4), 369-381

Thomas H Nähr, Reiner Botz, Gerhard Bohrmann & Mark Schmidt
Oxygen isotope ratios were obtained from authigenic clinoptilolites from Barbados Accretionary Complex, Yamato Basin, and Exmouth Plateau sediments (ODP Sites 672, 797, and 762) in order to investigate the isotopic fractionation between clinoptilolite and pore water at early diagenetic stages and low temperatures. Dehydrated clinoptilolites display isotopic ratios for the zeolite framework (delta 18Of) that extend from +18.7 per mil to +32.8 per mil (vs. SMOW). In combination with associated pore water isotope data, the...
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