Major oxides for tektites and for conglomerate clast of the Upper Eocene ejecta-bearing layer of ODP Hole 150-904A (Table 1), supplement to: McHugh, Cecilia M G; Snyder, Scott W; Miller, Kenneth G (1998): Upper Eocene ejecta of the New Jersey continental margin reveal dynamics of Chesapeake Bay impact. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 160(3-4), 353-367

Cecilia M G McHugh, Scott W Snyder & Kenneth G Miller
Evidence for the Chesapeake Bay Crater as the source for New Jersey continental margin ejecta is provided by fine-grained tektites and coarse-grained unmelted ejecta. The Upper Eocene ejecta deposit, now demonstrated to be part of the North American strewn field, occurs on the New Jersey continental margin at Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) Sites 904 and 903. The mineralogy, major oxide composition of the ejecta materials, and biostratigraphic age of the enclosing sediments link the origin...
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