Radionuclides measured on three sediment cores from the Weddell Sea, Antarctica, supplement to: Frank, Martin; Eisenhauer, Anton; Bonn, Wolfgang J; Walter, Peter; Grobe, Hannes; Kubik, Peter W; Dittrich-Hannen, Beate; Mangini, Augusto (1995): Sediment redistribution versus paleoproductivity change: Weddell Sea margin sediment stratigraphy and biogenic particle flux of the last 250,000 years deduced from 230Thex, 10Be and biogenic barium profiles. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 136(3-4), 559-573

Martin Frank, Anton Eisenhauer, Wolfgang J Bonn, Peter Walter, Hannes Grobe, Peter W Kubik, Beate Dittrich-Hannen & Augusto Mangini
High resolution 230Thex and 10Be and biogenic barium profiles were measured at three sediment gravity cores (length 605-850 cm) from the Weddell Sea continental margin. Applying the 230Thex dating method, average sedimentation rates of 3 cm/kyr for the two cores from the South Orkney Slope and of 2.4 cm/kyr for the core from the eastern Weddell Sea were determined and compared to delta18O and lithostratigraphic results. Strong variations in the radionuclide concentrations in the sediments...
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