Magnetic properties of Cenozoic MORB and Cretaceous MORB from DSDP and ODP holes, supplement to: Wang, Daming; Van der Voo, Rob; Peacor, Donald R (2005): Why is the remanent magnetic intensity of Cretaceous MORB so much higher than that of mid to late Cenozoic MORB? Geosphere, 1(3), 138-146

Daming Wang, Rob Van der Voo & Donald R Peacor
The fact that the natural remanent magnetization (NRM) intensity of mid-oceanic-ridge basalt (MORB) samples shows systematic variations as a function of age has long been recognized: maximum as well as average intensities are generally high for very young samples, falling off rather rapidly to less than half the recent values in samples between 10 and 30 Ma, whereupon they slowly rise in the early Tertiary and Cretaceous to values that approach those of the very...
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