Element concentrations, and Sr and Os isotope ratios of DSDP Leg 92 metalliferous carbonates, supplement to: Ravizza, Gregory E (1993): Variations of the 187Os/186Os ratio of seawater over the past 28 million years as inferred from metalliferous carbonates. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 118(1-4), 335-348

Gregory E Ravizza
The Os concentration and isotopic composition of metalliferous carbonates deposited on the East Pacific Rise over the past 28 Ma are reported with complimentary Sr isotope data. Variations in the Os isotopic composition of these samples are interpreted as a record of past changes in the Os isotopic composition of seawater. These results are consistent with isotopic analyses of leachable Os in pelagic clays which have also been interpreted as a record of the 187Os/186Os...
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