Isotope ratios of osmiun, carbon and oxygen of Miocene sediments and benthic foraminifera, supplement to: Reusch, Douglas N; Ravizza, Gregory E; Maasch, Kirk A; Wright, James D (1998): Miocene seawater 187Os/188Os ratios inferred from metalliferous carbonates. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 160(1-2), 163-178

Douglas N Reusch, Gregory E Ravizza, Kirk A Maasch & James D Wright
Seawater 187Os/188Os ratios for the Middle Miocene were reconstructed by measuring the 187Os/188Os ratios of metalliferous carbonates from the Pacific (DSDP 598) and Atlantic (DSDP 521) oceans. Atlantic and Pacific 187Os/188Os measurements are nearly indistinguishable and are consistent with previously published Os isotope records from Pacific cores. The Atlantic data reported here provide the first direct evidence that the long-term sedimentary 187Os/188Os record reflects whole-ocean changes in the Os isotopic composition of seawater. The Pacific...
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