Age determination of sediment core V14 in the Tai O Bay (Table 1), supplement to: Bahr, André; Wong, H K; Yim, Wyss W-S; Huang, G; Lüdmann, Thomas; Chan, L S; Ridley Thomas, W N (2005): Stratigraphy of Quaternary inner-shelf sediments in Tai O Bay, Hong Kong, based on ground-truthed seismic profiles. Geo-Marine Letters, 25(1), 20-33

André Bahr, H K Wong, Wyss W-S Yim, G Huang, Thomas Lüdmann, L S Chan & W N Ridley Thomas
High-resolution boomer profiles from Tai O Bay, Hong Kong SAR, were ground-truthed using ten discontinuously sampled boreholes penetrating bedrock with a maximum length of 82.1 m. The relationship between depth below seabed and seismic profiles was established through the measurement of two borehole compressional-wave velocity profiles. In departure from previous interpretations, nine Quaternary seismic units were identified, which can be divided into eight systems tracts formed by cycles of fourth-order sea-level fluctuations dating back at...
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