Sedimentology and geochemistry of surface sediments from the Pagassitikos Gulf, supplement to: Karageorgis, Aristomenis P; Sioulas, Andreas I; Anagnostou, Christos L (2002): Use of surface sediments in Pagassitikos Gulf, Greece, to detect anthropogenic influence. Geo-Marine Letters, 21(4), 200-211

Aristomenis P Karageorgis, Andreas I Sioulas & Christos L Anagnostou
Volos city and its port are situated in the northern part of Pagassitikos Gulf, a shallow, semi-enclosed marine area in central Greece. A wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and pipeline operate in the same area. Muddy sediments with low carbonate contents cover most of the seabed, except for the Volos embayment and the western part of the gulf where sandy carbonates prevail. Bulk organic carbon contents and the organic carbon contents of the clay fractions are...
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