Element concentrations of bulk sediment from the Southern Cape Basin, supplement to: Wien, Katharina; Kölling, Martin; Schulz, Horst D (2005): Close correlation between Sr/Ca ratios in bulk sediments from the Southern Cape Basin and the SPECMAP record. Geo-Marine Letters, 25(4), 265-271

Katharina Wien, Martin Kölling & Horst D Schulz
High-resolution records of Ca and Sr were obtained from shipboard XRF analyses of bulk sediments in five gravity cores from the southern Cape Basin, South Atlantic Ocean. Sr/Ca ratios display regular glacial/interglacial variations of 14-40% and reveal a close correlation with the SPECMAP record, minimum Sr/Ca ratios appearing during glacial (delta18 O) maxima, distinct increases during periods of deglaciation, and highest ratios in interstadials. Shifts in carbonate-producing phytoplankton and/or zooplankton assemblages over glacial/interglacial cycles are...
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