Basalt density, basement age, and intrusive/extrusive relations from DSDP Legs 2 through 7, 9, and 14, supplement to: Salisbury, Matthew H; Christensen, Nikolas I (1973): Progressive weathering of submarine basalt with age: further evidence of sea-floor spreading. Geology, 1(2), 63 - 64

Matthew H Salisbury & Nikolas I Christensen
Densities of layer 2 basalt recovered during the Deep Sea Drilling Project have been found to decrease steadily with age, a finding ascribed to progressive submarine weathering in the context of sea-floor spreading. The least-squares solution for 52 density measurements gives a rate of decrease in density of (Delta p)/(Delta t) = -0.0046 g per ccm m.y. = -16 percent per 100 m.y., which is in excellent agreement with earlier estimates based on observed chemical...
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