Frequency distribution of graded turbidite cycles in DSDP sediments from the Coral Sea Basin and the Sea of Japan, supplement to: deVries Klein, George (1984): Relative rates of tectonic uplift as determined from episodic turbidite deposition in marine basins. Geology, 12(1), 48-50

George deVries Klein
At sites 390 and 392 (Deep Sea Drilling Project, Leg 44) on the Blake nose, thoroughly lithified Lower Cretaceous limestone more than 250 m thick is abruptly overlain by a condensed sequence of Barremian to Eocene pelagic carbonate ooze. The Lower Cretaceous sediments consist of three units: limestone with moldic porosity (base), oolitic limestone, and fenestral limestone. Subaerial diagenesis of the limestone section is recorded by (1) caverns with vertical dimensions of up to 10...
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