Macerals analyses of sediment cores from the Laptev Sea, supplement to: Boucsein, Bettina; Fahl, Kirsten; Stein, Ruediger (2000): Variability of river discharge and Atlantic-water inflow at the Laptev Sea continental margin during the past 15,000 years: implications from maceral and biomarker records. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 89(3), 578-591

Bettina Boucsein, Kirsten Fahl & Ruediger Stein
In order to reconstruct the depositional environment from the Laptev Sea continental slope and shelf during the past ~15,000 years BP maceral analysis was carried out on two sediment cores (PS2458-4, PS2725-5) and compared with organic-geochemical parameters. During the transition from the Last Glacial to the Holocene the environment of the Laptev Sea shelf was controlled by the post-glacial sea level rise, variations in river discharge, surface-water productivity, and Atlantic-water inflow along the Eurasian continental...
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