Organic carbon isotope ratios of sea surface sediments and sea-ice from the Amerasian Continental shelf, supplement to: Naidu, A Sathy; Cooper, Lee W; Finney, Bruce P; Macdonald, Robie W; Alexander, Clark; Semiletov, Igor P (2000): Organic carbon isotope ratios (d13C) of Arctic Amerasian Continental shelf sediments. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 89(3), 522-532

A Sathy Naidu, Lee W Cooper, Bruce P Finney, Robie W Macdonald, Clark Alexander & Igor P Semiletov
Organic matter origins are inferred from carbon isotope ratios (delta13C) in recent continental shelf sediments and major rivers from 465 locations from the north Bering-Chukchi-East Siberian-Beaufort Sea, Arctic Amerasia. Generally, there is a cross-shelf increase in delta13C, which is due to progressive increased contribution seaward of marine-derived organic carbon to surface sediments. This conclusion is supported by the correlations between sediment delta13C, OC/N, and delta15N. The sources of total organic carbon (TOC) to the Amerasian...
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