Miocene flora and paleoclimate estimations of Schrotzburg, South Germany, supplement to: Uhl, Dieter; Bruch, Angela A; Traiser, Christopher; Klotz, Stefan (2006): Palaeoclimate estimates for the Middle Miocene Schrotzburg flora (S Germany): a multi-method approach. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 95(6), 1071-1085

Dieter Uhl, Angela A Bruch, Christopher Traiser & Stefan Klotz
We present a detailed palaeoclimate analysis of the Middle Miocene (uppermost Badenian-lowermost Sarmatian) Schrotzburg locality in S Germany, based on the fossil macro- and micro-flora, using four different methods for the estimation of palaeoclimate parameters: the coexistence approach (CA), leaf margin analysis (LMA), the Climate-Leaf Analysis Multivariate Program (CLAMP), as well as a recently developed multivariate leaf physiognomic approach based on an European calibration dataset (ELPA). Considering results of all methods used, the following palaeoclimate...
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