Organic carbon concentrations and isotope ratios of sediments from the Laptev Sea, supplement to: Müller-Lupp, Thomas; Bauch, Henning A; Erlenkeuser, Helmut; Hefter, Jens; Kassens, Heidemarie; Thiede, Jörn (2000): Changes in the deposition of terrestrial organic matter on the Laptev Sea shelf during the Holocene: evidence from stable carbon isotopes. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 89(3), 563-568

Thomas Müller-Lupp, Henning A Bauch, Helmut Erlenkeuser, Jens Hefter, Heidemarie Kassens & Jörn Thiede
Stable carbon isotope ratios in the organic fraction of surface sediments from the Laptev Sea shelf were analyzed in order to study the modern distribution pattern of terrestrial organic matter. The delta13Corg signature of the surface sediments range from -26.6 per mil near the coastal margin to -22.8 per mil in the north towards the outer shelf. Characterizing the possible sources of organic matter by their delta13Corg signature reveals that the terrestrial influence reaches further...
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