Aragonite distribution and preservation of sediment cores from the Brazilian Continental Slope, supplement to: Gerhardt, Sabine; Groth, H; Rühlemann, Carsten; Henrich, Rüdiger (2000): Aragonite preservation in late Quaternary sediment cores on the Brazilian Continental Slope: implications for intermediate water circulation. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 88(4), 607-618

Sabine Gerhardt, H Groth, Carsten Rühlemann & Rüdiger Henrich
We present late Quaternary records of aragonite preservation determined for sediment cores recovered on the Brazilian Continental Slope (1790-2585 m water depth) where North Atlantic Deep Water (NADW) dominates at present. We have used various indirect dissolution proxies (carbonate content, aragonite/calcite contents, and sand percentages) as well as gastropodal abundances and fragmentation of Limacina inflata to determine the state of aragonite preservation. In addition, microscopic investigations of the dissolution susceptibility of three Limacina species yielded...
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