Osmium isotope composition of leachates and bulk sediment from ODP Holes in the Bengal Fan, supplement to: Reisberg, Laurie; France-Lanord, Christian; Pierson-Wickmann, Anne-Catherine (1997): OS isotopic compositions of leachates and bulk sediments from the Bengal Fan. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 150(1-2), 117-127

Laurie Reisberg, Christian France-Lanord & Anne-Catherine Pierson-Wickmann
Os isotopic compositions and OS and Re concentrations were measured in H2O2-H2SO4 leachates and bulk sediment samples from Holes 717C and 718C of ODP Leg 116 in the Bengal Fan. Os isotopic results indicate that, at the sediment surface, the leachable Os fraction is derived from seawater. In contrast, leachable Os from Ganges River sediments has 187Os/188Os ratios (Pegram et al., 1994, doi:10.1016/0012-821X(94)90172-4) much higher than the marine value. This difference suggests that the leachable...
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