Element concentrations of amphiboles in ODP Hole 147-894G (Table 1), supplement to: Manning, Craig E; Weston, Patricia E; Mahon, Keith I (1996): Rapid high-temperature metamorphism of East Pacific Rise gabbros from Hess Deep. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 144(1-2), 123-132

Craig E Manning, Patricia E Weston & Keith I Mahon
Metamorphosed oceanic gabbros provide a record of the cooling history of the lower crust near mid-ocean ridges, but the temperature range, rate, and location of subsolidus events are poorly known. We combine hornblende-plagioclase thermometry, statistical analysis, and thermal models to estimate precisely the temperature, time, distance from axis, and duration of metamorphism in East Pacific Rise gabbros from Hess Deep, ODP Hole 894G. Metamorphic hornblende and plagioclase, which formed during microfracturing and sea water penetration,...
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