Isotopic composition of different sediments size fractions and vermiculites from ODP holes in the Bengal Fan, supplement to: Derry, Louis A; France-Lanord, Christian (1996): Neogene Himalayan weathering history and river 87Sr/ 86Sr: impact on the marine Sr record. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 142(1-2), 59-74

Louis A Derry & Christian France-Lanord
Clastic sediments in the Bengal Fan contain a Neogene history of erosion and weathering of the Himalaya. We present data on clay mineralogy, major element, stable and radiogenic isotope abundances from Lower Miocene-Pleistocene sediments from ODP Leg 116. Nd and Sr isotope data show that the Himalayan provenance for the eroded material has varied little since > 17 Ma. However, from 7 to 1 Ma smectite replaces illite as the dominant clay, while sediment accumulation...
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