Strontium isotope ratios of fish teeth from ODP sites in the central North Pacific, supplement to: Ingram, B Lynn (1995): High-resolution dating of deep-sea clays using Sr isotopes in fossil fish teeth. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 134(3-4), 545-555

B Lynn Ingram
Strontium isotopic compositions of ichthyoliths (microscopic fish remains) in deep-sea clays recovered from the North Pacific Ocean (ODP holes 885A, 886B, and 886C) are used to provide stratigraphic age control within these otherwise undatable sediments. Age control within the deep-sea clays is crucial for determining changes in sedimentation rates, and for calculating fluxes of chemical and mineral components to the sediments.The Sr isotopic ages are in excellent agreement with independent age datums from above (diatom...
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