Planktonic foraminiferal 87Sr/86Sr ratios of sediment cores from the Pacific and Indian Ocean, supplement to: Henderson, Gideon M; Martel, D J; O'Nions, R K; Shackleton, Nicholas J (1994): Evolution of seawater 87Sr/86Sr over the last 400 ka: the absence of glacial/interglacial cycles. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 128(3-4), 643-651

Gideon M Henderson, D J Martel, R K O'Nions & Nicholas J Shackleton
Fluctuations in the 87Sr/86Sr ratio of seawater accompanying glacial/interglacial climate changes have been reported in recent studies but remain highly controversial. To investigate these potential fluctuations we present very high precision (13 ppm) 87Sr/86Sr measurements on planktonic foraminifera from Indian Ocean and Pacific cores. 87Sr/86Sr ratios from three different foraminiferal species are indistinguishable from one another in both core-top and 50 ka samples, demonstrating that changes due to diagenesis or contamination do not influence the...
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